Greater Louisville Outstanding WomenDuring the ice storm in 2009, one of my most dynamic friends and I made a list of women we would invite to a women’s business group we’d contemplated for at least a year. In February 2009, we launched Greater Louisville Outstanding Women, who began with seven women and has expanded to 100+ to represent albeit every business area in the city.  We meet to strategize ideas to grow our businesses, to network for referrals, and to share tips in the area in which we have expertise. We are dynamic and creative and have members from the most traditional careers to cutting edge tech start ups. We form a unique infrastructure for the city by encouraging women here to excel in business and in life.

GLOW (Greater Louisville Outstanding Women) is a network of connected and creative women doing business in Louisville, Kentucky who come together monthly to strategize, share ideas, refer clients and promote the events of the organizations in which we are involved individually and together.

Memberships and Affiliates